A collage image depicting various services: Erin performing acupuncture, Jon giving a massage, and a Qigong class in session.

Comprehensive Care Tailored to You

At Erin Flemming Wellness, we offer a wide range of services designed to cater to various health needs and preferences. Our offerings include:

• Acupuncture: Using fine needles at strategic points, Erin provides treatments that stimulate the body’s natural healing abilities, addressing issues from chronic pain to digestive disturbances.
• Massage Therapy: Jon’s expert hands help soothe sore muscles, alleviate stress, and promote recovery through personalized massage treatments.
• Qigong Classes: Experience the gentle power of Qigong with Erin as she guides you through movements and meditations that promote health and vitality.

Our holistic approach ensures that every session is not only about alleviating symptoms but also about understanding and treating the underlying causes of discomfort. We believe in proactive care, where prevention is just as important as treatment.

Discover the full spectrum of our services and how we can help you maintain or regain your health.

Our Healthcare Services

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